Annatuuli Saine is a Finnish performance artist, dancer-choreographer and Artistic Director and producer of Saine Ensemble.


She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Choreography from the Amsterdam School of Arts in 1997; has studied flamenco in Spain, Finland and Holland and worked as a professional flamenco dancer between 2001-2013.


Annatuuli Saine works in collaboration with artists to create dance, music and film performances based on the dialogue between art, science and nature. Her site-specific performances take place in unusual locations such as mines, in rivers, in the forest, and abandoned warehouses. Live Performances are filmed and transformed into short films, which are art pieces in themselves.


Alongside her performance work, Saine works as a freelance dance teacher. Her teaching covers diverse techniques: from contemporary dance to flamenco, choreography and physical expression – to dancers, actors and people with cognitive deficits.


Saine currently lives in Fiskars Village, in southern Finland. She is a member of ‘The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers, and Artists in Fiskars’ (Onoma) and Dance and Circus Artists in Finland (DCAF).