Choreography and concept by Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo

Dance performance by Annatuuli Saine

Music by Olli Kari

Costume and Set Design by Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo

Costumes made by Sarah Kantanen

Dance Video filmed and edited by Mika Tertsunen



Olli Kari: Marimba

Tuure Paalanen: Cello

Manu Qvist: English horn and oboe

Recording: Sami Wirkkala


Production: Saine Ensemble


Demands of ceaseless and perpetual growth are hurled at people from a number of directions. Humans, however, grow and develop slowly. It is time to make an inventory of our own body.

Inventorium is a corporeal and motional work of art, which, through an application process, has been chosen as a part of the unique Fiskars summer exhibition.


Inventorium is simultaneously both an object of art and a living performance. The performer is on an elevated platform the area of nine square meters, an object of art in connection with and among other art objects. The audience of the art exhibition can thus more easily see the live performance while the performance comments on the conventions of art exhibitions.


While the performance is not live, a short dance film based on the choreography of the performance will be projected on stage. In this way, the work will constitute an intact whole, with four months of dancing performance.


A number of drawers of varying size are visualized on the dancer’s costume. These body-fixed drawers open into an inventory of the parts of the body in question, which is made concrete in dance and motion.


The work has two modes of performance. One is the whole and intact choreography at 25 minutes, and the other gives the audience the choice to pull the drawers they wish and start a short choreography of interactive fragments. The audience will be informed beforehand when the whole choreography can be seen, and when the interactive fragmentary choreographies are available.


Inventorium wants to share and distribute bodily information and experientiality. ‘Growth’, the theme of the exhibition, finds its concretion in a physical act, human dance and human motion.

Inventorium was commissioned by Saine Ensemble from Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo.


Showtimes at 6 pm


May 20. 22. 27. and 29.

June 12. 17. and 19.

July 1. 3. 17. and 22.

August 12. 14. 19. 21. 26. and 28.

September 9. 1. and 23.


Tickets: 15/12€


Growth Summer Exhibition, Copper Smithy, Kuparivasarantie 5, Fiskars