The land was waste and void


The dancer journeys across the bare stage in five powerfully visual scenes. Through a series of creation myths the dancer/choreographer explores her own insomniac dreams, wherein each myth – each dream – represents a different approach to Time, Place, Thought and Feeling: a revealing/concealing dress; a fan that speaks in code; a bandage-wrapped chair and an argument with shoes; a potato ring in mysterious bag. The journey invokes and resolves elements of flamenco, Butoh, contemporary dance, Kabuki and Finnish folk ritual into a public expression and ongoing private narrative.

The land was waste and void

Premiere 17.11.2007 Kokkola

• choreography and dance: Annatuuli Saine

• music: Kimmo Pohjonen, Enrique Morente and  
  Henrik Otto Donner

• lights: Juha Westman and Annatuuli Saine

• costume: Rutsuko Sakata and Anna Pérez

• length: 25 min