Annatuuli Saine


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Short Dance Films Vol 2

Live Performances and Dance Films:
28 July—30 July 2017

The Granary, Fiskars, Raasepori


Alecto Premier: Live performance and Dance film, followed by live performances of ‘The Beginning’ and ‘Fallen’ at 7pm.



Dance films 11am—6pm. Live performances of Rule of Capture: Parts 1-3 at 7pm.



Dance films 11am—5pm. Live performances of Rule of Capture: Parts 1-3 at 6pm.


Choreography, Script, Direction and Dance: Annatuuli Saine

Cinematography: Mika Tertsunen

Costume Design: Deepa Panchamia

Music: Olli Kari

Sound Technician: Sami Wirkkala

Light Design: Tarja Ervasti

Set Design: Jussi Korhonen

Production Saine Ensemble


Alecto is one of the Furies, in ancient greek mythology. She was fertilized by the blood spilled from Uranus when Cronus castrated him. Alecto’s duty is to punish those who have committed moral crimes. Parts of Alecto are similar to ‘Indra’s daughter’ a character from Dreamplay by Swedish playwright, August Strindberg. In contrast to Alecto, this character had hope for humanity. However Alecto is unable to show mercy and sympathy to those who have acted immorally towards the earth and nature.


The Rule of Capture is common law that establishes the ownership of captured natural resources and minerals. But who has the right to the ground, and on what terms?


Alecto is the 3rd Part of the Rule of Capture series. Previous works are Part 1: The Beginning (2014) and Part 2: Fallen (2015).